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0.4% monthly interest only

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About Swappit Navigator

About Swappit

Swappit provides the most efficient solution to crypto-backed loans. We strive to increase innovation in the blockchain space by helping integrate crypto-markets with traditional capital markets. Swappit allows users to leverage their cryptocurrency assets to attain loans in their local currency, while offering the lowest interest rate on the market (4.80% APR). Our platform will be a fully scalable system that allows for instant approval, maximum flexibility and fully customizable loaning contracts.

Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned bitcoin to become a secure and decentralized way of exchanging goods and services. Swappit endeavors to reinvigorate that vision.

Rulin Zhao, CEO and Founder of Swappit

The Problem

HODL Culture

Investors are hoarding bitcoin in the hope that bitcoin price will rise, rather than treating it as a functional currency.

Low Money Velocity

  • In order for an economy to stay functional, it needs to maintain a healthy money velocity.
  • As of late May 2018, Bitcoin’s money velocity was only 0.689, compared to 5.484 and 1.439 for USD M1 and M2 supply respectively.

Inefficiencies in Current Solution

Current collateralized loaning platforms all require a match between lenders and borrowers, resulting in

  • Interest rates of these existing solutions range from 15-18%.
  • The amount of loans they can provide are limited.
  • The time it take for these platforms can take up to take weeks.

The solution

We at Swappit have developed a much more efficient solution. Through the use of derivatives, we allow users to create synthetic borrowing through their own cryptocurrencies. This is all achieved through our proprietary trading algorithms. We have eliminated the need for accredited lenders to match user loans, allowing us to offer our users instant affordable loans at interest rates less than half of the closest competitor.

Why Swappit


We offer the lowest interest rate in the industry (4.8% APR).


Our innovative system is fully scalable; we leverage the liquidity of the derivatives market rather than rely on lenders.


Loans are funded by users’ own crypto, allowing for instant loans.


Users have full control over all contract terms, including loan amount, maturity date, and preferred payment method.


All contracts can be adjusted at any time. We understand things can change and we fully support users' needs.


Sensitive data is store offline and encrypted using strongest cipher.

How it works

With the introduction of Bitcoin derivatives products, it is now easier and safer than ever to create synthetic Bitcoin positions. The Swappit platform will automatically generate all positions required to create synthetic borrowing for the user, without the need for a matching lender.

The Swap Token

Funds Usage


Held in derivatives trading platforms and satellite accounts globally in order to provide the necessary stability to fund instantaneous loans.


Used to build the Swappit platform and to cover future operating expenses.
This includes system upgrades, maintenance, recruiting and training of employees.


Spent on marketing and promotional material, including airdrops, community building and more.


Kept in emergency reserves in case of shortfall from unforeseen events.

Token Distribution


Tokens sold


Emergency Liquidity Reserve




Angel Investors


Legal & Advisory


Community Building

Swappit VS. Traditional Methods

Swappit Sell & Buy Back Traditional Loans

Instant Loans

Maintain Long Position

Deferred Tax Liabilities

No Credit Checks

Swappit VS. Competitors


Interest Rate

4.80% 15%-18% 16% 10%

Instant Loans

Unlimited Scalability

Flexible Loans

No Late Fees


Q1 2018

  • Concept Formation
  • Initial Whitepaper Created
  • Legal Analysis

Q2 2018

  • Entity Formation
  • Additional Team Hiring
  • Proof of Concept
  • Whitepaper Released
  • Seed Round Fundraising
  • Start Platform Development
  • Start App Development

Q3 2018

  • Obtain Licenses from MAS
  • Set up Operational Structure
  • Begin Private Sale
  • Completion of Beta Platform & App Development

Q4 2018

  • Launch of Beta Platform & Mobile App
  • Platform to be Trialed by Selected Customers
  • Begin Airdrop Campaign
  • Token Sale

Q1 2019

  • Official Launch of Platform
  • Launch of Referral Program
  • KYC/AML Automation

Q2 2019

  • API Launch for Other Platforms
  • Research into Other Cryptocurrencies and Countries

Q3 2019

  • ETH & Other Cryptocurrencies as Deposit Options
  • Add Support & Expansion for Multiple Countries
  • Become CME Corporate Member

Q4 2019

  • Launch Swappit Payment Card


Rulin Zhao

Rulin Zhao, CEO

MA. Columbia University

Lions Capital, Managing Director

Jichao (Michael) Li

Jichao (Michael) Li, CTO

BA. University of Virginia

Google, Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead

Austin Cheng

Austin Cheng, CFO

MS. Duke University, CFA Charterholder

Chicago Investment Management, Chief Investment Officer

Po-Yu (Brendan) Kung

Po-Yu (Brendan) Kung, COO

MA. University of Notre Dame

Lions Capital. Chief Operating Officer

Xinyuan (Victor) Chen

Xinyuan (Victor) Chen, CSO

MS. John Hopkins University

Shenzhen WD Investment Management, Investment Manager

Shenzhen Qianhai Dongkexun Supply Chain Co., Ltd, Founder

Chen-Shao (Steven) Hou

Chen-Shao (Steven) Hou
Head of Business Development

MS. Cornell University

Deloitte and Touché, Digital Strategy Consultant

Dr. Jason Corbett

Liejen Keijzer
Senior Project Manager

MS, Erasmus University Rottterdam

ING Investment Management

Dr. Jason Corbett

Dr. Jason Corbett
Legal Advisor

Silk Legal, Managing Director

Silver Accord Advisory, Chief Investment Officer


Haiting Yan

CEO of GoSource Group

Former CEO of Agricultural Bank of China (UK)

Former Deputy Director of the International Division of People's Bank of China

Dr. Chi-Lin Wea

Chairman of Waterland Financial Holdings

Chairman of International Bills Finance Corporation

Professor at National Taiwan University

Kent Cheng

Former Chairman of Concord Securities Corp. Ltd. (TPEX:6016)

Dr. Junwu Zhao

CEO of Sound Solutions

Ansel Ko

Founder of Cybervein

Ye Eddie Ruan

IBM Greater China Executive

Dr. Matthew Dobson

Founder of Trader MD